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The 7 Best Furniture Pieces for a One-Bedroom Apartment

Furniture Options

When you buy or rent an apartment for yourself, the question of the kind of furniture you will rent or buy will obviously pop up. Without furniture, it would be practically impossible to live in an apartment. If you have a smaller living space like a one-bedroom apartment, it’s best to use furniture pieces that are practical. Since it would be a smaller space, it’s ideal to keep furniture that is multifunctional i.e., usable in many different ways.

There are many affordable furniture packages that have been curated and customized according to the size of a small apartment. Such packages typically include:

  • Sofa: A three-seater sofa will be perfect for your apartment. If you keep a sleeper sofa, it is multifunctional and you can easily turn it into a bed to accommodate your guests when they come over. Our sofas at Inhabitr are of high quality with smooth fabric or leather upholstery, making them extra comfy.  
Inhabitr_Sleeper Sofa
  • Coffee Table: A medium-sized coffee table would be great for the living room of a one-bedroom apartment. You can have a conversation area, game table and possibly more, all in one! Multi-functionality is especially important for small apartments. Check out our amazing collection of coffee tables here!
Inhabitr_Coffee Table
  • Floor Lamp: Smaller apartments can sometimes feel dull and cramped, don’t let that happen to you! Light up your living space with a gorgeous floor lamp. It can fit anywhere in your apartment while also adding style and personality. 
Inhabitr_Floor Lamp
  • Platform Bed: A twin or queen-sized bed is recommended for your apartment. You can place our comfy, back pain relieving Inhabitr Memory Foam Mattress on it for a good night’s rest.
Inhabitr_Powell Bedroom Set
  • Dresser or Chest: Storage is important for smaller apartments. You want to maximize your living space without making the area feel cluttered. To store all your clothes, you need spacious drawers, and our collection of dressers & chests with storage will definitely provide it!
  • Dining Table & Chairs: Buying a dining table and chairs for your smaller apartment can be tricky; you want to have a nice-looking area for when your guests come over, that doesn’t take up too much space for when you’re alone. Inhabitr dining sets include matching tables and chairs with a large variety of sizes. Cheap furniture couldn’t be any better!
Inhabitr_Dining Set
  • End Table: The last of furniture pieces that you must have for your small apartment is an end table! While it might not seem necessary, trust me when I say that a small table is great for your various knick-knacks that would otherwise end up making a mess on the floor. Keys, cell phones, and more can all go on your end table in a nice compact package. Select one that can be used as an end table and also as a bar stool when needed. 
Inhabitr_End Table

To make things easier for you, Inhabitr has curated packages for each specific area such as living room sets, bedroom sets,, etc. Then, you can just select the one you like out of the array of options we have, or opt to choose the pieces individually.

There are various rental furniture companies available from which you can rent furniture or buy furniture for any length of time. But we at Inhabitr strive to ensure that you get upscale furniture at affordable rates, for a hassle-free and convenient experience. 

Why should you choose Inhabitr to furnish your small apartment? Here are some reasons that will make you place Inhabitr as your number one choice. 

  • You will get designer furniture at extremely affordable rates. You can either select any of our pre-existing curated furniture packages or our hip designers can put together one according to your floor plan.
  • We provide free white glove delivery, assembly and setup on qualifying orders. Our delivery service is hassle-free and efficient. The furniture delivery is done at your doorstep.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Inhabitr to furnish your apartment. In this article, we have touched a few base points keeping the size of your apartment in mind. Check out our article “15 Reasons why Inhabitr is the Rental Furniture Service for You” that will give you more insight into what we do and the benefits of renting from us!

Inhabitr is THE rental furniture company you should be renting from. Trust me, you will not regret it!

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