Do you guys deliver, or do we have to pick up?

We offer white glove delivery, assembly, and pickup.

Where are the places you deliver to?

We offer delivery and assembly throughout Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan after 7-10 working days. Delivery and assembly is free for Chicago where we are located. Click here to see list of zip codes that are eligible for free delivery.

We got a lot of request to expand beyond Chicago so we started sending furniture to outside Chicago but if you are outside of the Chicago in the state of Illinois, we will need to charge a $99 delivery fee. If you are outside the state of Illinois, we will need to charge a $299 delivery fee to cover for the cost of long trip made by our crew.

You have a local office in Other Midwest towns so why charge a delivery and assembly fee?

Our Midwest locations outside of Chicago are satellite locations only at the moment with only few service staff, that help ensure you get the best service from our delivery partners. The delivery and assembly in those locations outside Chicago still requires a third-party crew and therefore there is a cost. As we grow a little bigger, we will very soon appoint our own teams in those locations and be able to waive most of the fee. We assure you, we are still significantly lower than our competitors and you are getting a great deal.

What do I need for delivery?

Nothing! You only need to let us in the door, and we’ll take care of everything else. After you order, we’ll get in touch and so we keep you in the loop through every stage of the process. Once we’re in your home, you can either stick around during delivery or allow us to see ourselves out after we’re done. Completely your choice!

Our standard delivery is 5-7 business days. We understand that sometimes you need the delivery sooner. For those situations, our partners require an additional expedited delivery fee ($99 extra for less than 5 days and $199 extra for delivery within 48 hours)

What do I need for pickup?

We ask that you go through the furniture to make sure it's free of all your belongings! We appreciate a couple of weeks’ notice for pickups, but understand that life moves fast, so we're happy to accommodate with what your situation demands.

How long do delivery and pickup take? Do I need to be home?

Our average delivery time is about 2-3 hours. This also depends on the size of your order. We recommend our customers be present during both the delivery and pickup but also understand that sometimes that is not possible. If you will not be present, all you need to do is sign a release form allowing us to enter the premises as well as making sure our crew has access to your home/business.

White Glove Delivery!

We make sure to bring, assemble and stage all the furniture you’ve ordered and set your home up to suit your exact preferences.

Do we deliver on the weekends or after hours?

We do offer deliveries on weekends and after hours! But as you would appreciate, our guys work extra hours and are away of their families so we charge a $29 after 7 PM during the week and weekend.

What if my furniture doesn't fit up the stairs/through the door upon delivery?

Unfortunately, we cannot account for cases like this If there's an item you're concerned about, reach out to email@inhabitr.com and a member of our team will help you find out what's best. If we arrive with an item that cannot be delivered for any reason, there will be a $199 restocking fee since we’ll have to take the piece back.

What if my pickup date isn't the same day of the month as my delivery?

If your pickup date requested is within a week of the day of the month that your furniture was delivered, there's no extra charge - you'll still be charged for the full last month if it's within a week before your pickup but won't be charged a cancellation fee. Similarly, you won't be charged extra for a pickup day within 7 days after the end of your lease.

How soon is furniture delivered?

Typical lead time is 7 to 10 days from the moment you place an order. However, we do offer expedited deliveries up to 48 hours for a $199 charge. For expedited deliveries from 3 to 6 days there is a $99 charge. Expedited deliveries are based on availability of stock.

Is it possible to choose the time of delivery?

Yes, you can choose your delivery time slot at the moment of checkout please note that this delivery time slot would be pending until confirmation from our operations team.

During delivery, can you remove my old furniture?

No, we do not offer that service. When we deliver, the room or space where the rented furniture will be placed must be empty.

Do you offer free delivery?

We do offer free delivery only in orders above $99 in the area of Chicago and after a 7 seven-day lead time.

Can I pick-up my furniture from your warehouse?

No, pick up is not possible. Our team will deliver the furniture and assemble it ourselves.

What if I need to change my delivery date? Can I push it back or move it forward? How can I do it?

Yes, you can definitely change your delivery date. You can do it yourself by logging into your inhabitr account on our website. Also, you can get in contact with our team either via email or through Sam Chat. Your new delivery date would still be in need of confirmation from our operations team.


Where does your furniture come from? Why don’t I just get it from IKEA?

We source only high-quality items from sustainable suppliers. Renting lessens the burden on your budget to begin with, allowing you to pay less for high quality items rather than sacrificing quality and durability to save some cash. Our furniture is sourced from multiple manufacturers located in different countries. Our manufacturers uphold the highest standards of furniture making that is expected from our customers.

What if I damage my furniture during my lease?

We understand that things happen. In general, normal wear and tear shouldn’t be a problem - we expect you to use your furniture, not just look at it! As long as your furniture is in respectable shape when we come to pick it up, there’s nothing to worry about. If you are worried about damaging your furniture, we have insurance, if you need it. Just ask one of our reps.

Help! Something broke!

Don't worry! Fill out a service request by accessing your account and we'll sort it all out.

Is the Furniture Used?

All of our furniture goes through a dense sanitation and refurbishment process before being rented again. Any item that is not in good conditions will not be re rented in our website.
When it comes to personal items such as towels, linens, and pillows you must know that you are receiving brand new furniture. When we get these items back, they go through the sanitation process and are donated to a charitable cause.

On a furniture package, what does an “optional” item mean?

It means that apart from the items included in the furniture package, you have the option of getting extra items, listed as optional, for an extra charge.

Can I exchange items on a package?

No, unfortunately you cannot. Our packages are standardized and they have been carefully curated by our design team in order to make your home look as best as possible.

Do beds come with mattresses?

No, mattresses are sold separately from bedframes. Mattresses are only included when you purchase a package.


What if I need to end my lease early?

We’re flexible - that’s the whole point, remember? Our team will be happy to make sure to help you clear out of your place whenever you need. We'll adjust the charges to fit the amount of time you rented the furniture. In order to break end your lease early without any penalties, we offer a break free option for $29. The break free option allows you to end your lease early and instead of getting penalized as per the lease, your monthly rent will just be readjusted to the amount of month you actually kept the furniture. Read our terms for more details.

What if I want to extend my lease, or buy my furniture after it ends?

That's great that you want to keep the furniture for longer. Just email us how long you need to extend it for and we will help you with it. We don’t offer a rent-to-buy option right now.

What’s the shortest lease you offer?

Our shortest lease length is 1 month. However, if you need it for shorter for an event, It's no problem. Just take a 1 month lease and return it early.

Do you do month to month leases? Can I extend the lease if needed?

We do offer one month leases! you can also rent for more than a month and get a break free option that allows you to break your lease without any penalties.

Yes! You can extend your lease. You can do it by logging into your Inhabitr account on our website and also by calling or sending an email.

Do you do daily rentals?

Yes, it is possible to do daily rentals. The price for daily rentals for any item is the same as the item’s one month price. Our minimum lease time is one month lease but, if you would like to do a daily rental, you can always return the furniture earlier.

Can I pay my whole up-front lease amount all at once?

Yes, if you pay your whole lease amount due up front you will get a 10% off discount. If you pay half of your lease amount due up front you will get a 5% off discount.


What other expenses are there?

Delivery is completely free if it is within the Chicago area! We have a pick-up fee of $99, which we use to disassemble and securely transport back your furniture. This fee is always charged at the end of your lease, never at the beginning. There is also a 3% credit card fee, but if you use a bank account to its completely free.

How is the paying process?

Payment is done online through our website during checkout. You can pay either with a credit or debit card or a US bank account. We use an automatic payment method. The amount to be charged each month will automatically be taken from your chosen default.

What if I want to change my payment method? How do I do it?

You can do it through your inhabitr account or you can email us and we will be happy to help!


What is this website about?

At Inhabitr, we believe that you don’t have to buy what you use. Preferences are changing, and we’re here to support those changes. Today’s world wants freedom and flexibility. You already rent your apartment, your car, and so much more; don't stop there and rent your furniture!

Why should I rent my furniture?

Maybe you want to furnish an entire apartment with your new roommates. Maybe you’re testing out a new city and aren’t ready to commit to staying. Maybe you’re looking ahead to a semester of school before heading back home. Maybe you’re starting a company and are building out an office space. Maybe you’ve got a place full of things you love, but you’re missing something - a cool lamp, a nice sofa, or a coffee table to bring everything together. Maybe, you just don't feel like spending thousands of dollars to get furniture you love - and you'd rather balance out that expense over time.

How does this work?

Pick the items and packages you like and let us know how long you want to rent them for. We’ll come with the furniture and help set it up. Once your lease ends, we’ll collect the furniture and wait to serve you again!

I need furniture ASAP!

We offer expedited deliveries from 48 hours all the way to 6 Days.

  • For delivery within 48 hours, there is a $199 Expedited Delivery Fee.
  • For delivery within 3- 6 days working days, there is a $99 Expedited Delivery Fee.

You can always contact us at email@inhabitr.com. We’ll get back to you right away and try our best to help you out.

How do I schedule a return?

A few weeks before your lease is over, a member of our team will reach out to you to begin scheduling a time for pickup. You can also fill out a service request by accessing your account and let us know if you have a specific date in which you would like the furniture picked up.

What if I want to add items to my order?

If you’d like to add items to an order you’ve already placed, feel free to reach out to us through email@inhabitr.com. Tell us about what you’d like to add, and you’re all set. If you want to add an item once the delivery is on its way, you will have to place a new order on this website.

What happens if I have pets?

We at Inhabitr are pet friendly and love all types of furry friends. We understand how important pets are to our customers so we have no issues in renting our furniture to pet owners. If you have pets, there is a one-time $99 sanitation fee which is charged at the end of your lease once the furniture is picked up.

Please note that this is only a sanitation fee and that it does not cover the cost of any physical damage caused by your pets to the furniture itself, you are still liable for the damages as per your lease. Also, please note that the insurance we have does not cover damages from claws, beaks, etc. So you will be liable for the damages.

Do you do rentals for parties and events?

Yes, we certainly do!

Do you currently have a showroom with all your rental furniture?

No, we are an e-commerce online rental store. We have pictures of all of our furniture in our website as well as in our Instagram page (@_inhabitr_)

Do you offer student discount?

Yes! students get a discount, please ask us how that works by emailing email@inhabitr.com. Students also get their deposit fee waved.

Is it possible to buy furniture from your website?

No, you can only take furniture on rental basis.

Do you do staging?

Yes, we do. In fact, many of our customers rent our furniture for staging.

Do you offer discount for realtors or people furnishing multiple units?

Yes, we certainly do! It all depends on how many units would you will be furnishing and which packages you choose. Please ask us how that works by emailing email@inhabitr.com.

Do you do price match?

Yes, we do offer price match we even do price beat! Although we are sure our prices are the best in the market, if any of our competitors lower their prices we will match them and beat them! You would just need to provide us with some kind of proof of our competitor’s lower prices and you are good to go!

Do you also offer linen and kitchenware? Are these used or are they new?

Yes, we offer linens and kitchenware. Linens are always brand new! Used items go through professional sanitation processes and a rigorous quality check before delivery.

What if I don’t like an item when it arrives? Can I exchange it for another one?

Yes, it is possible to do exchanges. The return is totally free as long as you return the item before the delivery people have left your house. Otherwise, you will have to pay the $99 pickup and redelivery fee.

Can I sell my furniture to you?

No, I am sorry we do not offer this kind of service.