Important: Our response to COVID-19

At Inhabitr, we're committed to the health and safety of our customers and team members.

These are some of the steps we are taking to ensure safety.

  • Our daily cleaning procedures are already thorough at Inhabitr, but we're now taking extra precautions.
  • Our dedicated team is maintaining the highest packaging and quality control standards for all furniture and decor items.
  • All field members are taking extra precautions and using gloves, face masks, sanitizers and other protective material as necessary.
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Is renting furniture & appliances a good idea?

Furniture Options

Furniture is said to complete a home, it makes living in a house more comfortable. Appliances are equally important, they ensure that any work is made easy & less time consuming. In recent years, renting furniture & appliances has become a trend over purchasing outright. Olden days consisted of purchasing furniture which would eventually go […]

Why Should You Rent Furniture?

Furniture Options

If you are someone who is constantly on the move, shifting houses, or travelling due to your job, looking for furniture can be a big hassle. Nowadays, everything is fast-pace and on the go. No one has the time to “explore” furniture.  That being said, you should still be careful when you are purchasing furniture […]

How often should you replace furniture?

Furniture Options

Furniture is an important part of any space. Furniture pieces have the ability to uplift any space making it vibrant & full of life. But not all furniture pieces can last you a lifetime. No denying that some pieces have lasted for centuries, making it to the Antique shop, but in recent years, it seems […]

Smart Furniture: Smarter than You Think

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In today’s era of smartphones and smart homes, did you know furniture too can be smart? The concept of smart furniture is quite new but can go a long way towards increasing comfort and convenience in your life. Who would have thought that furniture and technology could be combined to invent such a wonderful concept! […]

A 3-Step Guide on How to Find Love SEATS

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Well it’s Valentine’s Day again. If you’re single, this holiday can be a brutal reminder of the lack of romance in your life. If you’re in a relationship of any kind, then this holiday can be a brutal reminder that you need to get up off your couch and put some effort into it for […]

Why more and more people are buying Used Furniture

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Furniture plays an important role in every space. Not only does it beautify the area, but it provides comfort and is very useful. There is a variety of furniture available in the market today consisting of different sizes, shapes, colors, etc. Investing in furniture sets is an expensive affair, it may or may not be […]

Top 7 Furniture pieces MADE for renting

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In recent times “renting” as a concept has become more popular than “owning”. From cars to clothes to furniture people choose to rent over buy the items. The younger generation has adapted to this trend very well thanks to the convenience and flexibility attached to it. Gone are the days when people considered buying goods. […]

How to Buy Used Furniture during a Pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic or the “new normal” is something that all of us have adapted to now. The pandemic has taught us many things like working from home, attending classes on zoom, purchasing essentials and goods online, etc. No matter what the situation is like, essentials and household accessories are always important and are required […]