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Rent to Own Furniture vs. Rent now Buy Later Furniture

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Setting up your new place can be a tall task, no doubt. Finding the perfect furniture for your space can sometimes be even more stressful. The right furniture will make your space look like never before, absolutely stunning & stylish. 

There are a growing number of furniture shops moving online, which makes the hassle of going out furniture shopping next to nothing. You are literally just a click away from exploring an endless number of options for your bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining, etc.

Buying furniture is an expensive affair. Good quality furniture is usually costly, and buying it becomes difficult, especially if you are moving somewhere temporarily. Online portals now give you the option of renting furniture pieces at incredible rates. 

If you’re someone who hates the hassle of going outdoors and purchasing furniture, you should definitely try some online furniture stores to make your life easy. Different online furniture portals offer various buying and renting options. From buying furniture online, to rent to own furniture, to rent now buy later options, there’s something for everyone with different choices.

Inhabitr Furniture Rental

Some of the more underlooked options include rent to own furniture and rent now, buy later. Devised according to the needs of individuals, these options make buying a lovely, high end furniture piece affordable. serves cities across America while offering the unique rent now buy later option. If you absolutely love a furniture piece but it’s too expensive for you to buy at that moment, you can go ahead and rent the item now and buy it in the future, with Inhabitr’s service.

Inhabitr offers the option to buy an item on lease after a month, or anytime during your leasing period. The monthly rent you already paid will be credited towards the purchase price if you decide to buy. So instead of paying full retail price, you would pay a much lower price with the credits from your prior rental period. You can use the Buyout calculator on Inhabitr’s website to check out the buyout rate at any given month during your lease period.

Inhabitr_Buyout Calculator

Many times, we want to try things out before purchasing them, Inhabitr’s rent now buy later option gives you the freedom to do so.

The best part is that you get to choose from a wide range of furniture (living room sets, bedroom sets, dining packages, rugs, houseware and decor items etc.) Inhabitr offers a free delivery & white glove assembly, and all the products are well sanitised before being handed to the customers.

Other sites offer rent to own options. There is one such website of a Rent to Own furniture player, where you own furniture by paying monthly installments. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to build the home you’ve always wanted, you can definitely consider them. 

They offer inexpensive and affordable lease payment plans, with absolutely no credit needed. Plus, delivery is always free. That’s great news for those who don’t want to haul bulky pieces of furniture up any number of flights of stairs. 

This particular Rent to Own furniture player offers affordable monthly lease ownership plans designed to fit your monthly budget. Pay for a lease anywhere between 12-14 months, all according to what suits you best. If you’re on the hunt for new branded furniture, electronics, and appliances, rent to own is a feasible option that allows you to avoid large upfront payments by making affordable monthly payments instead. Once all of your payments are made, you own it without having to worry about anything at all. 

Both options are similar, but provide their own unique set of benefits. With the rent now buy later option by Inhabitr, you are afforded the freedom to delay when you need to make a commitment; exemplifying the motto of “Live Flexibly”. On the other hand, if you know what you’re looking for from the start, then this player’s rent-to-own service can be a suitable option as well. 

Both brands offer free delivery and set up services with quality affordable furniture. You can’t go wrong either way, so we encourage you to take the information from this article and make the best choice for you!

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