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Gemini 55 inch smart TV

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Bring a big TV experience to your home with the 55 inch Flat Panel TV 2160p 120 Hz. The Gemini 55 inch Smart TV would be perfect for your living room or bedroom. A 55” TV with a 2160p video resolution, you get HD quality pictures that stay bold and crisp even with its large size. The refresh rate is 120Hz for responsive reliability. HDTV images, built-in stereo speakers with simulated surround sound, VGA input and 3 HDMI inputs convenience for computer compatibility and more this is sure to be the new center of your home recreation.


  • 55” screen
  • 2160p 120 Hz
  • Built-in speakers (simulate surround sound)
  • 3 HDMI inputs


  • A full recreation center for your home with largest sceen for viewing
  • Delivery included with rental

Dimension: 29.060H x 49.290W x 3.750

Delivery Time: 10

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