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Pilsen Living Room Rental Furniture Set




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The Pilsen Living Room is one of the newest additions to our product line. It is a well-balanced design for a larger living space, with all the key pieces for a trendy and comfortable experience. Its main element is the Pilsen Sectional, with wide, grey upholstered cushions and a high back structure for restful seating. The Pilsen Sectional can easily fit five people. We added functionality to the ample seating with the Delaware Accent Chair made of a natural wood finish and includes large cushioning for comfort. Delaware comes in 3 colours (light blue, royal blue and burgundy). The set also includes the London Coffee Table that has a long rectangular wood construction. London comes in several colors- black, grey, white and blue. Equipped with a drawer, the London Coffee Table allows you to store your books or remote control for a neat look. The State Floor Lamp has a sturdy black metal base with an ivory shade and it will illuminate, great for reading or accent lighting. The North Side Table, is also included in the package. The table is made of a round white wood finish top. The Pilsen Living Room is the high end living room design you have been looking for.

Coffee table
Accent Chair
End Table

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Pilsen Sectional

  • Grey upholstered cushion
  • Wood construction and natural finish feet
  • Dimension: 82"W x 72"D x 35"H x 27.5’

Delaware Accent Chair

  • Large natural wood chair
  • Upholstered wide cushion
  • Available in 3 colours (light blue, royal blue and burgundy)
  • Dimensions: 38’hx 32’Wx 27’L

London Coffee Table

  • Wood rectangular low table
  • One drawer metal hardware
  • 3 colors finish (white, grey, blue, black)

State Floor Lamp

  • Metal black base
  • Ivory white shade
  • Dimension: 67"H

North end side Table

  • Round low table
  • White wood finish
  • Dimensions: 22’Hx 18’ wx 18’L


  • High-end designer curated Living Room 
  • Assembly and installation provided


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