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Inhabitr Power Lift Recliner

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Upholstered in high grade PU Leather. Powerful electric chair lift designed to adjust to a variety of Infinite Position; Lift feature prevents the chair from locking into predetermined positions – smoothly adjust to any customized position letting you stop the lift at any position you prefer (giving you infinite range) Soft comfort with deep foam pillow top polyester-filled armrests and cushions; Built-in extending footrest and reclining feature allows you to fully stretch and relax Note: If you plan to use this product for medical reasons please consult your doctor before using this product. Individuals with pacemakers should not use this product. If you have pain in a muscle or joint after using for a prolonged period of time, discontinue using and consult your doctor. The product has not been tested specifically for medical applications, so users are recommended to take self-precaution.

Dimension: 34"W x 37"D x 41"H

Delivery Time: 10-15 days

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