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The Sevilla Dining Package is the illustration of a high quality exquisite dining table, made to entertain guests and friends as well as bring any dining area to the next level of sophistication. The Sevilla Table is a beautiful piece and large elegant, it can easily seat up to 8 people with a silver matte top and a hardwood base. The table is matched with 6 cream white dove upholstered linen padded chairs, dark wood finish for the legs. Cook a feast or order out, the Sevilla will enchant you!


Sevilla Dining Table

  • Matte silver top
  • Hardwood base
  • Seats up to 8 people
  • Dimension: 80L x 40W x 29"H

Sevilla Dining Chairs

  • Linen cream upholstered tufted chair
  • Padded seat
  • Wood legs
  • Dimension: 22"W x 20"D x 44"H


  • High quality dining style
  • Installation provided by our team

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