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What to Look for in Color Trends 2020

Design Space

Incorporating a variety of primary and secondary colors into your living space can go a long way toward brightening up your living space and improving the aesthetic. This could mean anything from changing the wall color to adding a few eccentrically colored furniture pieces. With plenty of colors on the color wheel to choose from, you need to know which colors are in.

Here are some trending & vibrant colors of 2020:

  • Palette of yellow

The soft, alluring shade of yellow works wonders in the bedroom or the living room. Upholstery and linen colors are a great place to start with this soft but attention-grabbing color. Keep a minimalist approach to your furniture pieces when using yellow because you don’t want to shift the spotlight!

  • Shades of classic blue
Inhabitr_furniture design

The color blue has been with us since the beginning of time; whether it be through the tranquil ocean or the calming, cloudy sky, blue can remind us of simpler times.

You can capture a breathtaking natural blue in your own household by incorporating royal shades of blue in your sectionals, ottomans, and accent chairs. As a primary color, blue is the star of the show; try to pair your blue furniture pieces with complementary colors like gray or black to make your furniture pop!

Blue is also great for elevating a home’s ambience. It’s a color that we all know and love, so it is one that can serve as a great starting point for your living space’s aesthetic.

If all that’s not enough, blue has also been chosen as Pantone’s color of the year!

  • Natural Green
Inhabitr_Furniture Rental

We refer to green as ‘natural’ because of the implicit subtlety the color exudes with every drop. Even the slightest touch of green can create a sense of color harmony in your home. If you love natural elements for your home aesthetic, consider using floral items and other plants to bring out the green in your furniture pieces.

As a primary color, green tends to go with everything. Some of the best tertiary colors are shades of green; yellow green and/or blue green can help your home’s color scheme come together and flourish!

With how beautiful shades of green can be, it can be difficult to resist the temptation of going overboard with your home furniture. Always remember that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, use green where it counts to really bring out the natural elements of your home.

  • Soft shades of gray
soft gray furniture design

Gray is a classic, neutral shade that acts as the perfect complementary color. Since this particular color oozes minimalism and sophistication, you can pair it with various other gray colored furniture items. Use shades of mustard yellow or red violet in the upholstery of your sectionals and accent chairs to bring the room together.

As it was with green, don’t go overboard on the gray aesthetic. Since gray is a great complementary color, it is best used to bring out the other, more eye-popping colors in your living space. Use gray as a subtle attention grabber to bring attention to the parts of your home design that you’re the most proud of!

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  • Classic off-white
modern off-white color furniture set

Off-white has been around for centuries, so this is one color that you know isn’t going anywhere. As a classic color, you can incorporate off-white into your furniture with an imprint on the wall, providing a cultured contemporary look for your living space. You can go all in with a fully white look or mix it up by introducing various other colors that will pop next to the off-white look.

As it is with many timeless colors, the challenge with off-white is using it in a unique way to your home. You can use it as an accent to highlight the primary colors for your living space or even as the primary color!

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