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Inhabitr’s Mid-Century Modern Furniture Guide

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Mid-Century Modern Style furniture has undeniable charm. It’s defined by several factors: the style gives us clean lines, gentle organic curves, and a passion for different materials and shapes. This blog post highlights features of mid-century modern furniture!

There is a distinct timelessness associated with the clean lines, gentle corners and a love for a variety of materials which make this popular design in architecture an enduring topic for contemporary designers. In the world of design and décor, style patterns are cyclical. So it’s not surprising that in the first half of the 21st century, the mid-century Modern style is being majorly revived.

The mid-century modern interior design has a fresh vibe with a retro feel. Aesthetic design and comfort and functionality make it timeless and still in style. In mid-century modern interior design, there’s a seamless flow from the inside to the outside with sliding doors, patios, skylights, etc.

Key Features Of Mid-Century Modern Furniture:

  1. Metal & Wood Finishes  
Inhabitr_Metal and Wood finishes

The balance between naturalism and industrialism is an essential aspect of the mid-century modern home; make sure you incorporate a range of furniture that is beautifully finished with metal, wood or even glass. 

  1. Small Living Room Furniture
Inhabitr_Small Living Room Furniture

Given that much of the aesthetic centres around functionality, it is vital that you don’t clutter your space with too many unnecessary things. Of course, you can decorate your walls with artwork and photographs, but make sure you curate your collection carefully so that everything corresponds to your overall theme. 

Also, your living space should be easy to navigate; this means investing in smaller sofas, streamlined stools and chairs and intelligent storage solutions. 

  1. Lighting 

There are a few options you can go for when choosing lights for your mid-century home; you can choose a large statement piece with an industrial edge to highlight the futuristic style that was popular in the 60s; if you would prefer something more subtle, just focus on curved lines and a minimalist shape, like a large, simplistic floor lamp.

  1. Accessories 

In particular, don’t have an abundance of accessories, since they can create clutter. The style focuses more on the bigger pieces of furniture over smaller, cheaper knick-knacks. There are instead minimal simple vintage accessories in particular places such as the coffee table. It depends on the project but the plants and the biophilia in the space give more character and charisma to the ambience.

The mid-century look is all about functionality and comfort while at the same time giving a class-apart look.

We at Inhabitr have a wide variety of furniture available. Check out our living room furniture sets or our bedroom furniture sets! You might find what you’re looking for. Renting furniture is a great idea if you’re experimenting with styles and trying to achieve the perfect look for a brief time. You also get white-glove delivery, assembly, and set-up!

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