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Top 7 Furniture pieces MADE for renting

Furniture Options

In recent times “renting” as a concept has become more popular than “owning”. From cars to clothes to furniture people choose to rent over buy the items. The younger generation has adapted to this trend very well thanks to the convenience and flexibility attached to it. Gone are the days when people considered buying goods. When it comes to furniture, with changing times and jobs that make people relocate, renting furniture has become a better and widely chosen option.

The people who have moved from one apartment to the other understand the pain of moving furniture. Not only does the costs pinch you, but the furniture may not even fit well in your new apartment. 

Maximum furniture pieces can be available on rent these days, which makes the process of moving into a new space a hassle free experience. If you choose to rent furniture, it is going to be budget friendly, flexible and you don’t need to worry about the furniture after the lease is over, the furniture pieces will be picked up from your location.

Here’s listing the top 7 furniture pieces made for renting:

  1. Sofa 

When it comes to sofas, there are many kinds of sofas available in the market. From sectional sofas to sofa beds, the market is loaded with products.

Sofa as a product is a bulky furniture item. Moving it from one place to another is not feasible always.There is a high chance of the piece to not blend well with your new space. There are many new patterns and styles available. If you are looking for sofas, rent it rather than buy it. You can experiment with different styles and even save a lot of money renting sofas. When you rent a sofa, you split the cost into monthly payments which makes an expensive item affordable. 

  1. Accent Chair:
Inhabitr_Accent Chair

 Accent chairs are basically seating options perfect for the living room or bedroom. They are used to compliment the decor, fill in an empty corner creating a reading nook, etc. 

If you wish to spice up your living or bedroom space ,adding a distinct colored accent chair is going to amp up the look. As it’s more of a decor and styling piece of furniture, renting it seems to be a wise option. Rent it for how much time you wish and swap it out for trying other styles.

  1. Outdoor Sets:
Inhabitr_Outdoor Sets

Outdoor furniture is another example for furniture pieces meant for renting. Outdoor sets are designed for outdoor purposes, and are typically made from weather-resistant materials but aren’t entirely moisture immune. The outdoor set consists of a table, chairs or chaise chair. You can soak up the sun and enjoy meals with your family in your outdoor area. As outdoor sets are convenient for summer usage, renting them is a better option. Rent the furniture for the time span you require without the hassle of buying and storing the pieces during the colder months.

  1. Entertainment Sets:
Inhabitr_Entertainment Sets

If you’re somebody who is not looking for buying a Television and Gaming set, renting it is the best option for you. Moved to a temporary abode? Rent an entertainment set, not only is it budget friendly and convenient, but you do not need to compromise on your dose of entertainment. Rent for as many or as few months you want, renting being both a flexible and affordable option.

  1. Lamps:

The market is inundated with designer lamps. Lamps are delicate pieces of furniture used to ornate as well as light up your spaces. A well decorated space can make one feel positive and happy. Lamps are known to set a vibe in your space, and a beautiful designer lamp will beautify your interiors even more. Renting this piece is convenient and affordable with the liberty to choose from the finest pieces available without having to worry about the cost.

  1. Home Decor:
Inhabitr_Home Decor

Home Decor furniture pieces such as art works, vases, rugs, pillows etc make a great choice for renting. If you’re somebody who loves to be creative with their space, you can always rent specific home decor pieces which suit your interiors and vibe at a given point of time. By choosing to rent, you get the opportunity and flexibility to swap items whenever you wish to change your interior setting, which may not require the previously used home decor pieces, all this without shelling out much.

  1. Baby Sets:
Inhabitr_Baby Sets

When talking about baby furniture products, the most important point to remember is the child will outgrow the gear soon, which makes the baby furniture useless after a period of time. Rather than paying a huge amount of money in buying baby gear, simply rent it.

By doing so, you get the gear at the time of requirement, and you can return when you no longer need it. Not only is this affordable, it is flexible and wise too.

At you can choose from a wide range of furniture to rent. From sofas to dining sets to decor, you will be able to find everything at our portal. Plus, every rental, short or long term, enjoys white glove delivery, setup and pickup. Whether you’re a professional, student or realtor staging a property or preparing for a trade show, event or pop-up space, we’re your go-to team for rental furniture.

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